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Saab Bolt Patterns

Saab Bolt Patterns is one of many bolt patterns that we have listed in our bolt pattern guide. Saab Bolt Patterns usually consists of only 5 lug bolt patterns. Saab Bolt Patterns can be found here using our vehicle bolt pattern search or our reverse bolt pattern search.

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05-069-2X5x4.005x100 43 to 5356.1056.10 12x1.25
99-119-35x4.335x110 34 to 4265.1065.10 12x1.50
98-119-55x4.725x120 29 to 3867.0067.00 14x1.50
05-099-76x5.006x127 22 to 4278.0078.00 12x1.5
98-989005x4.335x110 34 to 4265.1065.10 12x1.5
98-9890004x4.254x108 34 to 4265.1065.10 12x1.25
98-98900S5x4.335x110 34 to 4265.1065.10 12x1.5
11-1194-X6x4.726x120 22 to 4278.0078.00 12x1.5